Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson Series

Today’s musing is about…(Wonder what it could be?) obviously, (did you see the picture?) the talented Ms. Shannon Mayer! (Waiting for applause to end. I know it was hard for me to stop too.)

Okay so I’ll admit that I am just now reading Ms. Mayer but I must say she is a hoot! (I’ve woken my husband several times laughing.) From deep emotions to funny quipes and characters you are woe to leave until the next chapter let alone the next book.

In the first book, Priceless, you discover Rylee has a dark and unsual past, one that involves her missing sister and a stange talent that helps her find missing children. Has her own ever watchful FBI agent that thinks she’s guilty of killing her sister and maybe kidnapping for the ransome. Milly her best friend and own personal witch and Alex, a very strange sidekick who is stuck between human form and werewolf form.

Now none of this is giving away any of the story but if you are not intrigued yet then there’s something wrong with you. I have finished reading books one and two only to discover that there are two prequels, which I am currently reading. This is a series that I will finish before moving on to anything else.

I want to take the time to thank Ms. Mayer for continuing to make paranormal, urban fantasy, speculative fantasy, paranormal romance…(how many names does this genre have?) a genre I still love to read.

Rylee Adamson Series

#0.25 Tracking Magic
#0.5 Elementally Priceless
#1 Priceless
#2 Immune
#3 Raising Innocence
#4 Shadowed Threads
#5 Blind Salavage
#5.5 Alex
#6 Tracker
#6.5 Guardian
#7 Veiled Threat
#8 Wounded
#8.5 Stitched
#9 Rising Darkness
#10 Blood of the Lost

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