Jenn Bennett’s Arcadia Bell Series

Started: 28 February 2017 Finished: 2 March 2017
Novels in the Arcadia Bell series
  1. Kindling the Moon
  2. Summoning the Night
  3. actually 2.5 Leashing the Tempest (only eBook format)
  4. Binding the Shadows
  5. Banishing the Dark
I was looking for a book to read, sooo… I started at the beginning of my book shelf, which is custom made by my husband (Happy Mother’s Day to me), where I have all my books alphabetized by genre then by author’s last name. Now I am sure you are asking, what this has to do with my review? Well you see my book shelf is 12 feet long & 7.5 feet tall, I have 1500 paper & hard bound books as well as 1200 on my Kindle, (if you know Wayne’s World, “I like to read”) so I started at the beginning of my author’s.
I started with the first Arcadia Bell book & I didn’t stop until the last in the series. I have to say I am seriously disappointed…that there isn’t anymore to read! I plan you write Ms Bennett & beg, plead, NO, cry (if it will work) to continue the series or maybe do a spin-off. There has to be more! (okay I’m a little dramatic) I love Arcadia “Cady” Bell, she is a great character who is not in perfect shape & just about kicking arse, she’s a little more believable. Of course there is her love interest, Lon Butler, who is so…(I don’t know what word I’m looking for) dynamic (?) he’s golden, delicious yummy! But he’s not the most important character, Jupiter “Jupe” Bulter, Lon’s 13 year old son, is. Without him the story, book, series wouldn’t be as good. (I too have a “Motormouth” or two!)
Ms. Bennett you have done well, very well. Please (pretty please) continue. (I am begging on my hands & knees!)

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