The Gatekeeper Chronicles by Jasmine Walt & Debbie Cassidy

JWalt & DCassidy Gatekeeper Chronicles

Two authors I’ve just recently discovered, Jasmine Walt & Debbie Cassidy, have instantly become favorites. These wonderful authors take us into an alternate realm where the ancient Hindu gods rule. A young assassin, Malina Hayes, discovers the truth behind her adoption, seeks redemption for the stains on her soul, and finds love. 

These were some really fun reads! After finishing the first one I immediately purchased the whole set and devoured them. Characters are fun and well developed, Garuda is sexy embodied, he can try to kill me any day. Check out the Gatekeeper Chronicles today! 

Also look for Debbie Cassidy’s The Witch Blood Chronicles featuring Malina’s best friend, Carmella Hunter.

Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson Series

Today’s musing is about…(Wonder what it could be?) obviously, (did you see the picture?) the talented Ms. Shannon Mayer! (Waiting for applause to end. I know it was hard for me to stop too.)

Okay so I’ll admit that I am just now reading Ms. Mayer but I must say she is a hoot! (I’ve woken my husband several times laughing.) From deep emotions to funny quipes and characters you are woe to leave until the next chapter let alone the next book.

In the first book, Priceless, you discover Rylee has a dark and unsual past, one that involves her missing sister and a stange talent that helps her find missing children. Has her own ever watchful FBI agent that thinks she’s guilty of killing her sister and maybe kidnapping for the ransome. Milly her best friend and own personal witch and Alex, a very strange sidekick who is stuck between human form and werewolf form.

Now none of this is giving away any of the story but if you are not intrigued yet then there’s something wrong with you. I have finished reading books one and two only to discover that there are two prequels, which I am currently reading. This is a series that I will finish before moving on to anything else.

I want to take the time to thank Ms. Mayer for continuing to make paranormal, urban fantasy, speculative fantasy, paranormal romance…(how many names does this genre have?) a genre I still love to read.

Rylee Adamson Series

#0.25 Tracking Magic
#0.5 Elementally Priceless
#1 Priceless
#2 Immune
#3 Raising Innocence
#4 Shadowed Threads
#5 Blind Salavage
#5.5 Alex
#6 Tracker
#6.5 Guardian
#7 Veiled Threat
#8 Wounded
#8.5 Stitched
#9 Rising Darkness
#10 Blood of the Lost

Lousia Klein’s Supernatural Freak Series

Prequel ~ Fairy Wings
Book 1 ~ Supernatural Freak
Book 2 ~ Supernatural Fog

An astounding combination of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter’s wizardry, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight love triangle, Yasmine Galenorn’s Sister of the Moon solidarity and Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson’s mystery and suspense.

I first started this series by reading the sample on my Amazon Kindle which led to purchasing the entire book, which I finished late that night/early the next morning. Truthfully it all blurred together in a true “Book Hangover” that lasted all the way through the next book then left me hanging. (It was a sad day…morning…night?)

Anyway, I’m excited to annouce that the wonderful Lousia has released her newest edition to the series…Fairy Wings. As soon as I saw it was live I made my purchase, now I can start the prequel and fall back into the life of Robyn Wise and be a total magic badass. (That’s in my dreams not for real, although that would be cool!)

The Blue Eyes Trilogy by B. Kristen McMicheal

Devin! No wait, Turner! Andrew…maybe?

Fans of Twilight & Vampire Diaries MUST read The Blue Eyes Trilogy!

Ms. McMicheal has created an incredible world that is so easy to fall in love with! Arianna is such a wonderful heroine, she’s easy going, funny & believable. But let’s not forget our excellent cast of heros!

Bacholar 1: Devin ~ he’s a tad mysterious, a little brooding, & of course seriously hot!

Bacholar 2: Turner ~ he’s an open book, cuddlely, safe, & the one to stand a test of time and love.

Now, Bachelor 3: Andrew ~ ??? We just aren’t sure about him yet but there is the whole Baku appeal.

I read the first book in a couple of hours immediately went to to purchase the rest of the series! Who cares about kids, laundry, husband, food when you have a series like this to read?!?!

Jenn Bennett’s Arcadia Bell Series

Started: 28 February 2017 Finished: 2 March 2017
Novels in the Arcadia Bell series
  1. Kindling the Moon
  2. Summoning the Night
  3. actually 2.5 Leashing the Tempest (only eBook format)
  4. Binding the Shadows
  5. Banishing the Dark
I was looking for a book to read, sooo… I started at the beginning of my book shelf, which is custom made by my husband (Happy Mother’s Day to me), where I have all my books alphabetized by genre then by author’s last name. Now I am sure you are asking, what this has to do with my review? Well you see my book shelf is 12 feet long & 7.5 feet tall, I have 1500 paper & hard bound books as well as 1200 on my Kindle, (if you know Wayne’s World, “I like to read”) so I started at the beginning of my author’s.
I started with the first Arcadia Bell book & I didn’t stop until the last in the series. I have to say I am seriously disappointed…that there isn’t anymore to read! I plan you write Ms Bennett & beg, plead, NO, cry (if it will work) to continue the series or maybe do a spin-off. There has to be more! (okay I’m a little dramatic) I love Arcadia “Cady” Bell, she is a great character who is not in perfect shape & just about kicking arse, she’s a little more believable. Of course there is her love interest, Lon Butler, who is so…(I don’t know what word I’m looking for) dynamic (?) he’s golden, delicious yummy! But he’s not the most important character, Jupiter “Jupe” Bulter, Lon’s 13 year old son, is. Without him the story, book, series wouldn’t be as good. (I too have a “Motormouth” or two!)
Ms. Bennett you have done well, very well. Please (pretty please) continue. (I am begging on my hands & knees!)

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

Book Hangover 10+

In the thousands and thousands of books I have read, never have I found a retelling of a story so captivating that I have not only read it once but as soon as I purchased all of the published novella’s plus books 1, 2 (and pre-ordered 3) that I started reading it again. Mrs. Ahdieh brings you deep into her characters lives, you feel what they feel, each one is well developed that each are easily believed to have been the original characters. The story flows so wonderfully that you are trapped and cannot escape until the last word. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this version of A Thousand and One Nights!

I give this a Book Hangover 10+ because I’ll reread this many times and pre-order the next!